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CASHCLIP BLOG PICTURECashClip is a 24year old artist,songwriter, actor and host known in the USA for his ability to invigorate crowds. He was born in Misawa,Japan in 1990 and moved to Denver,CO when he was 2. Known in Denver as Lil FullClip he grew up around gangs,drugs and guns. Cash decided he didnt want to take part in such activity and discovered his talent to make music when he was 9. CashClip’s dream has always been to be the 1st international artist from Denver.

Cash moved to Atl when he was 13years old in 2003 and was hit by a car that same year in Marietta,Ga. Cash realized life can be taken at anytime and decided to change his name from “Lil FullClip” to CashClip and take his talent more serious and pledged to making music his niche. CashClip landed his first deal in 2005 with the group called “Something Serious”, (a group of four)and would travel back and forth to West Virginia for shows and recording. Cash realized he was better on his own and began working 2 jobs 2006 to fund his own music. He released his first album titled “Cash Only” 2006.
Cash created a promotion company called “Hitstars” ( ) to help distribute his music and throw events around the nation. Since being a solo artist Cash has release “Cash Flow CHP 1.”,”I GOT THIS CHP 2″ , “LOVE SPELL” , “Springbreak for dummies” and has been featured on several artist projects. CashClip has personally distributed over 10,000 cds and counting. Cash has a focus on geting himself known and has been consider a walking billboard with promotion. Part of CashCLip’s promotion includes clothing,models,condoms,ringtones,videos,posters and more.DUFFE CASHCLIP YING YANG TWINS
CashClip has performed well over 300 times for a plethora of different crowds. CashClip has several celebrity friends and has opened for international artist like Luda Chris,Juicy J, Young Dro, MGK,Ying Yang twins, KHIA, Wacka Flacka, B.O.B, Tex James, Solace, Bone Crusher,Young Bloodz,Travis Porter,Shawty Lo,Pastor Troy,Stuey Rock, Young Ralph,Dj Unk and many more.
In 2013 he created the “wtf happened last night” t-shirts which has become a particularly popular piece of clothing which can be ordered on . The adventure and explanation of CashClip’s hardwork is deeper than the ocean itself. CashClip is working toward a good deal and will continue to give his fans around the world the entertainment deserved. Stay tuned to the “Future of Music’! Thank you dearly for your support! TO BOOK FOR BDAY PARTIES,HOSTING,OR EVENTS
BOOKING: Glenn Iams
Phone 770-896-6649


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